Fuse Board Replacement

Fuse Board Replacement & Repair

The fuse board is an essential part of your property’s electrical system, however, many properties haven’t had their fuse boards updated or replaced in years. ND Barrett can offer affordable and reliable fuse board replacement for your property, courtesy of our specialist electrical engineers. We provide domestic and commercial fuse board replacements throughout Edinburgh, the Lothians, and throughout Scotland’s central belt – so contact us today for a quote.


Replacing your fuse board

A fuse board divides the individual electrical circuits in your home. If there is a fault, or you need to shut off the electricity at the mains, the fuse board gives you an easy and convenient way to stop the electric current flowing into your home.

The issue is that many fuse boards are considerably out of date. They are often an “out of sight, out of mind” aspect of your property’s electrical system, and few are replaced as often as they should be.

ND Barrett can provide affordable fuse board installation and stress-free fuse box replacement. Simply contact one of our friendly team members today to arrange a consultation and to get your free quote.


How do you know if you need a new fuse board?

If your fuse board doesn’t have an RCD, it needs one immediately. An RCD, Residual Current Device, senses when there is a fault in your electrical system and breaks the current. This helps to dramatically reduce the risk of an electrical fire starting, or of someone in your home getting a mains-level shock.

There are some quick visual tests you can do to check if your fuse board needs replacing. The first is to check if it has a wooden backing – if it does, it’s a possibility that your fuse board is too old and needs updating. Check for a button marked “T” or “Test”, if you can’t find one, it’s also a likelihood your fuse board does not conform to electrical safety code and needs attention. Another quick, and more obvious, sign is to check for any damage to the wires or plastics – fraying or melted plastic is a very bad sign.

If you’re in any doubt – DO NOT attempt to fix, touch, or otherwise interfere with your fuse board yourself, unless you have specific electrical training and experience. Instead, contact ND Barrett immediately.


Contacting the specialists

If you think your fuse board might need repair or replacement, contact ND Barrett. We cover the Edinburgh, Lothian, and Scottish central belt so will be able to arrange a survey at a time to suit you.

We’ll come to your property and give your fuse board a thorough electrical examination to determine its overall safety and suitability. Whether it needs repair or some modifications, or you need a brand new fuse board installation, we can talk you through your options and take you through every step.

Contact the reliable, professional, and industry-accredited electricians at ND Barrett today for your fuse board replacement quote.


Fuse Board Replacement

  • Keep electrics working safely
  • Electric shock protection
  • Fire protection
  • Stop fuses tripping
  • Meet the latest regulations
  • Protection for your home and family
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